The ASTRID brand was established in 2013 in Berlin. Defined by German precision combined with Polish craftsmanship. Handbags, accessories, clothing. ASTRID berlin combines elegance and comfort in its designs. All designs are created in the artist’s Berlin atelier while their production takes place in Poland.

Looking for a way of life, the artist emigrated to Berlin at the age of just 20. The first years of the company’s existence, she worked in parallel as a microtechnologist at one of the scientific institutes. This was the time to define her artistic path and the direction of further development. In 2017, the company underwent a rebranding, the brand’s distinctive logo was created – “A” supported by pillars, symbolizing strength and determination, while the wings are meant to speak of the lightness and freedom the artist feels while living in Berlin.

ASTRID is a fashion brand that exudes exceptional elegance and refinement. Its collections of bags and clothing pay homage to simplicity but, at the same time, express unparalleled style. Each element of these creations has been carefully designed and crafted with the utmost attention to the smallest details, resulting in outstanding quality and exceptional durability.

What sets ASTRID apart is not only simplicity but also originality. Its creations are unconventional, allowing customers to express their individuality in a way that catches the eye. The brand focuses on luxury in a non-obvious way, attracting those who appreciate subtlety and sophistication in fashion. It’s a brand that continually inspires to discover beauty in simplicity and take pleasure in wearing unique, high-quality clothing and bags.